Diagnostic Imaging

Danhul Medical is a provider of reconditioned diagnostic imaging equipment. We specialize in providing imaging practices with CT scanners, MRI systems, as well as nuclear imaging devices such as PET/CT.

Radiation Therapy

Danhul Medical also provides radiation oncology practices with reconditioned radiation therapy solutions such as linear accelerators, CT simulators, and conventional simulators. …


In todays current healthcare climate, Danhul recommends upgrading an existing system with accessories or replacements to acheive equivalent performance when ever possible.  …

Equipment Assessment: Appraisal: Analysis

Equipment Appraisal Services Danhul Medical has grown to become one of the leading consultants specializing in the market resale of radiation therapy and diagnostic equipment.

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Danhul Medical Inc.,

Innovation Danhul Medical, is constantly seeking new ways to improve customer solutions, its business model and its strategy. We believe in utilizing our resources to maximize our efforts in effectiveness. High Quality Service: Danhul Medical is committed to providing high quality, responsive service for your radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging needs. Danhul Medical allows you to focus on patient care while we care for your equipment and maintenance needs. Finance: Danhul Medical can assist any size practice make capital intensive equipment purchases affordable through customized leasing and financing solutions. This allows practices the financial freedom to utilize capital for more productive operational uses and opportunities.